Week 1 Journal

This is a post to keep track of my first week of living on a low cost food budget. I started the week out making Chicken and Garlic Potatoes and using that for my meals. I’m new at this, so I don’t expect to be good at it right away 🙂

Saturday 1/28/17

3 meals of Chicken and Garlic Potatoes @ 400 calories/serving
Unwanted steak fries from a co-worker @ probably 500 calories

Calories: 1700

Kinda plain menu, but I’m extremely new to this. I expect to get better as time goes on.

Sunday 1/29/17

Pasta Salad from the store @350 estimated calories $ 2.24
Sardines in oil @250 estimated calories $1.00
Bowl of ramen @ 400 estimate calories $0.33


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