Chicken and Garlic Potatoes

This is the first post in my attempt to live economically while still enjoying good food. I am chronicling all my recipe attempts, along with cost per serving, calories per serving, and how good the food is.

The recipe I used can be found here:

I noticed in the comments that although most were very positive, some remarked that the chicken was bland and/or on the dry side. So the recipe called for shallots and garlic, I increased the garlic to an entire bulb and used 2 shallots instead of one. I also put in 2 small cups (probably a cup and a half measured) of chicken broth, and 2 chicken bullion cubes.

I bought a value pack of chicken breasts, the biggest pack the store had, which ended up containing 6 rather large boneless/skinless breasts. I mean, this slow cooker isn’t small by any means, and it’s practically filled up (along with 6 small/med red potatoes cut into 8 -10 pieces or so).

I mixed everything into the slow cooker and when it warmed up I gave it all a good stir, and the picture you see for this post was taken right after. I wanted the honey-garlic-brothy goodness to infuse with everything so I’ll probably give it another stir in a few hours. Cooking time in the slow cooker is 6 hours, but after a few hours the potatoes weren’t getting cooked. It was a long day, so I decided to head to bed a little earlier, leave it in a few hours longer than necessary, and just get up early and see how it turned out.

It was obvious the chicken and the potatoes had cooked quite a bit when I got up, and the broth had broken down from a creamy solid broth to a broth that looked considerably different, it looked more  translucent with stuff (broken down potato?) floating in it. But it was still delicious. The chicken was so tender you could slice it with a spoon. The potatoes had taken almost a sweet potato texture and taste. Here’s what it looked like:


This is what I’d consider a serving. (This has been refrigerated and reheated. Also, this bowl is deceptively large, so it’s a nice hearty serving). After spending about 4 hours longer in the slow cooker than recommended. I don’t know if it was a happy mistake or not but it sure was good.

Now, for the cost and calories!

Adding in all the cost of the ingredients I get:
6 pack of chicken breasts                                11.99
1/3 sack of potatoes @ 3.99/bag                       1.33
1/3 bag of shallots @ 2.99/bag                          1.00
1/3 pack of bullion @1.69/pk                             0.57
1/3 bottle honey @ 3.99/bottle                          1.33
1 bulb garlic                                                              .50
1/8 shaker lemon pepper @2.99/shaker         .40 -ish cents
1/2 stick of butter @ 2.50/2-pack                      .75
1/3 container broth @ 2.99/container             1.00

So, a rough estimate, rounded up, gives me about $19 for the cost of the entire thing when finished.

Assuming 130 calories per chicken breast, 160 calories per potato, 400 calories for the butter, and 260 for the honey, and neglecting everything else, gives me roughly 2400 calories for the entire pot.

So, all that remains to be seen is how many meals I get out of it! I’ll update the post when done. I’m not a small guy, 6’2 and 260 lbs so I have an  appetite and I will make no assumptions until I’m done eating everything. Then I should have a price and calories per meal for this dish!

No slow cooker? A similar recipe can be found here:


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